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Learning How to Speak Spanish

Learning a different language will take a lot of time and effort especially if you are an adult. You will need to have persistence while learning the new language before you begin speaking like a native. Let nobody deceive you that it takes a few months to learn a language as that is not the case since there is a lot to learn and different pronunciations to understand. About half a billion people out of the world’s population speak this beautiful language called Spanish. It is very easy for an English speaker to learn Spanish since the two languages share some history. However, do not be worried since this article will give you a few tips on how to learn Spanish by yourself.

A good way to start learning Spanish is by learning the alphabets and how to pronounce each of them. The Spanish alphabets are similar to the English alphabets except that they are pronounced differently. Only a few sounds fail to occur in the Spanish language which will pose a huge challenge to you. From the alphabets, the next step is reading words which result in reading sentences. There are rules to every language, and you need to follow those the Spanish language has to avoid pronouncing words wrongly. Learning how to count is an important skill while learning a different language. Counting in Spanish and English are not so different making it a bit easier.

When learning a foreign language, it is essential for you to keep memorizing the few words you learn every day. More words mean that you can easily begin to fluently speak Spanish. Learn at least ten words every day by using them in sentences you can easily remember. Begin by the learning words that are similar to those in English to increase vocabulary and make work easier. Also, carry a notebook with you to write down Spanish words that you learn when interacting with people who may speak Spanish.

Watching movies or television shows in Spanish is another way to increase your knowledge of the language. Listening to Spanish is an excellent way to understand their accent and imitate them which will be a good learning experience. This will help you pick up a few words and phrases as you try to read them on your screen. Additionally, you can change the language on your phone to be in Spanish. This will be quite a rough experience on the very first days since you will come across unfamiliar words which you will have to compare them to English to know what they mean.

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